July 20, 2024
How to secure a gun safe in your car

The world can be a scary place. In 2020, owning a gun is not unusual. Some might argue that it
is a necessity. In any case, having a weapon on hand can be useful in dangerous situations that
can cost you your belongings or even your life.
However, all licensed owners must designate a place to secure their guns. Safety is crucial
because leaving a weapon around for the wrong person to misuse is a complete hazard. This is
why many people install a safe somewhere in their house to store weapons. Find the best safes
at Guns &amp Safety Reviews . But what happens when you're outside your house. Chances are,
you are more likely to find yourself in harm’s way when you venture far from home. So, while
you are out, unsuspecting of something unpleasant to follow, your weapon is at home, not
fulfilling its purpose.
Modern times require that people be on the move for at least some portion of the day. And since
the average individual does spend a sizeable amount of time in their car, it makes sense for gun
owners to install a safe in their vehicle as well. Moreover, there are increased chances of a gun
going off accidentally inside a car when it is carelessly stored.
Primarily, there are only two ways How to secure a gun safe in your car. You can either tie the safe to
the desired portion (of your vehicle) by cable or by cutting out space for the safe inside the floor.
The former method is quite easy and doesn't require help. However, if you are looking for a
more permanent fix, you should opt for the latter. If your car is new, and you do not plan to
upgrade any time soon, it is all the more reason to build a compartment under the bed of the

The Cable Method

To utilize the cable method of securing a gun safe, begin with choosing a suitable place to
situate it. Generally, people choose to place their gun safe near their side or under the car seat.
To make things easier, you should get a safe with a cable attachment plugged inside. These are
easily available at different stores, but if you have trouble getting one, just google ‘car gun safe
with cables’ and order online. Typically, there are certain perks to this method. If you own
multiple cars, the cable method offers easy switching. So, if one of your vehicles stops working,
you will be able to carry your gun with you in another car.

Additionally, you won’t have to do any damage to the inside of the car. For car enthusiasts who
are also gun owners, cutting a chunk out of their beloved car can be a dilemma. This
precautionary measure is a temporary – yet effective – option that doesn’t compromise anything.
The floor bed method of securing a gun safe isn’t easy, and getting a professional to do it can
be pricey. So, if you’re short on budget, all you need to do is invest in a gun safe with cables
and follow instructions.

The Floor-bed Method

While it is highly recommended that you seek help, it isn’t impossible to do the floor-bed method
yourself. Of course, you will need some extra tools to get the job done, so be prepared for a trip
to the hardware shop.
First off, choose a proper place to secure the gun safe. Any location you pick should be within
an easily reachable range so that you can retrieve the gun in an emergency. Once you’ve
figured that out, trace lines on the carpeted floor of the car. Be careful while measuring the
length, and repeat the latter to avoid any mistakes. Take a knife and cut out the area. Follow
this by more lines to specify the placing of the anchor holes, ensure that the measurements are
correct and then, secure the bolts. The last step is especially crucial so pay diligent attention
during execution.
Besides being a long-term fix, this method also minimizes the chances of your pistol getting
stolen. For anyone who carries a firearm, gun safety is an important consideration and should
never be taken lightly or overlooked.

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