July 20, 2024
How to stay fit when you have work deadlines

How to stay fit when you have work deadlines

It’s an arduous task working all day and not finding the time to work-out. After all, we have to find some way to keep fit, soothe our cramped muscles, and relax our minds. It may seem impossible to take time out for yourself from your busy schedule, but with a bit of perseverance and ingenuity, anything is possible.

Begin A Ten-minute Morning Routine

It sounds way too easy to believe that a ten-minute routine can make much of a difference. But, research shows that even ten minutes taken to do some stretches or some yoga poses can boost the metabolism, refresh the mind, aid concentration and trim a few inches off your waistline over a while. Not to mention, it’ll increase blood flow throughout the body, improve posture, and relieve aches and pains. Read more about this at Fitness Equipment Reviews.

When you take time out at the start of the day, you’ll manage to stick to a consistent plan that helps you burn off calories throughout the day and develop a feeling of wellness. Remember, even meditation can help you keep your mental equilibrium if you have intense work pressures.

Move Around At Work

So, you have work deadlines, but who says you can’t use the stairs to go halfway up and down from work? The only thing to keep in mind is that small lifestyle changes can result in a healthier you. Moreover, there are plenty of workplaces that do provide work-out zones.

However, if you do work in a business organization that does not have such facilities, then you can take five minutes out of every two hours to walk around your office or desk to unwind. Regular movement of the body helps digestion, represses muscle spasms, and calm frayed nerves.

And, if you do have work colleagues that share your interest in keeping healthy, you can even have a challenge of squats or lunges to bring in the fun factor when you work-out while working. Keeping a fitness ball in the workspace, especially where you have to be seated for long helps maintain posture and tighten the abdominal muscles. Switch from your work chair to a fitness ball, from time to time, to pump up the fun quotient and stay maintained.

Exercise At The End Of The Workday

Being seated for long hours plays a massive role in messing up your body posture. If you have a rounded back and shoulder posture with a forward head position, then you suffer from the upper cross syndrome. On the flip side, the lower cross syndrome is where you have an arched lower back with weak abs and glutes. And, it all thanks to sitting in front of a desk for the whole day.

But, it’s also responsible for graver health concerns such as obesity, diabetes type2, and heart conditions. And, you may wonder how on earth would you be able to work out at the end of your work, when you still have to get home and prepare dinner? Well, who says that you can’t stretch while preparing dinner.

Just start by taking a few deep breaths, and then go into a child’s pose for a few seconds. Then you can go for pecs flexes against the kitchen door frame, and after that, head towards the dining area to set the table. Once there, take ten seconds each to do the bridge and the plank position. Finally, you go for the downward dog pose for a minute. End your work-out routine with an upper trapezius stretch.

You’ll get the dinner ready on time, have the dinner table set, and feel a boost of energy flow in your body.

Eat Right

Yes, you need to work-out a tad bit to get slimmer. However, eating healthier is just as necessary. Avoid snacking, stop eating junk food, and stay away from fizzy drinks. Quitting smoking and drinking also works wonders.

So, you might question what I should eat? But, the right question isn’t what I should eat? It’s more, ‘how much should I eat?’ You already know the things you should not consume, such as excessive sugar. Ever heard of ‘portion control?’ Portion control is about eating everything organic and minimally processed, in specific quantities. You don’t skip any meal, and you snack too. But, you go for fruits if you have the urge to have sugary products, you take one slice of multigrain bread instead of two white bread. So, you aren’t starving yourself but not eating your stomach full either.

In Conclusion

Minute changes in your everyday schedule aren’t too taxing on your work timings or your pocket. There are no guarantees that there will be a significant difference on the weighing scale. But, you sure will start to feel a whole lot better pretty soon after trying out some of these work-out hacks.

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