June 19, 2024
PD Home & Garden

PD Home & Garden

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PD home and garden imports trend-forward merchandise designed with today’s consumers in mind. Shop a wide variety of products ranging from rustic home decor to vintage-inspired garden accessories.

PD Home & Garden

PD Home & Garden designs trend-forward merchandise in the categories of accent furniture, functional wall, bridal, lanterns/lighting and more. They are based in Oaks, PA and have 15 employees. Shop unique wholesale products from PD Home & Garden including rustic home decor, vintage-inspired garden accessories and unique wall art. PD Home & Garden is represented by Andrew Wholesale at TCW. Claim this business to update contact information, respond to reviews, get messages from prospective customers and more. Sign up for free. View PD Home Market’s organizational chart, key employees, funding history and more. Or, explore leading companies in United States by revenue, number of employees and funding amount.

Rustic Home Decor

Rustic home decor is all about organic elements that bring a natural, earthy feel to the space. Organic textures are also a hallmark of the style, with cotton and leather playing key roles. Wood is the primary building block of rustic style, with reclaimed wood and hammered metals both ideal choices. Wood surfaces should show a bit of wear, with rough edges and stains adding to the look.

The color palette is, predictably, dominated by nature-inspired shades. Greens are particularly well-suited to this design style, but you can branch out to other warm tints, too. Avoid splashes of bright paint or other bold hues. Instead, choose earthy neutrals like beiges, browns, and grays.

Natural elements are the backbone of a rustic room, from wide-plank wood floors to reclaimed barn wood dining tables.

Open floor plans with clean sight lines are a signature feature of rustic decor, as are large windows that create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. You can also add rustic appeal by introducing organic elements into the structure itself, such as stone or brick architectural features.

When it comes to furniture, look for items that are handmade. Many rustic pieces are oversized and built to feel sturdy and comfortable. They tend to have simpler shapes and designs that let the wood itself shine, though some may have a more artisanal appearance with carvings or other embellishments.

Textiles are also important, with jute and animal hide being common choices. You can find woven baskets, stump tables, and large-scale leather furniture to help bring the rustic look to any room in your home.

If you want to give your home a true rustic look, consider incorporating bark into the decor. While you don’t want huge swaths of the material, small accents like this bark-covered bank-style planter and this wood slice wall art add just enough texture to fit the rustic style. You can also use a piece of bark as an alternative to a traditional door mat or hang a piece of bark on the wall as a unique way to display coat hooks in the entryway.

Vintage-Inspired Garden Accessories

Vintage garden decor ideas are a growing trend that adds a quaint look to your outdoor living space. This style of gardening is also budget friendly and makes the most of items that you might have lying around. Old metal lawn chairs, for example, can become beautiful planters or just be hung on a fence to create an antique vignette. You can even use old ice cream freezers as unique flower pots for your patio flowers.

Antique wrought iron garden pieces are a great way to make your yard stand out. Chipped paint and rust create subtle character that contrasts with the delicate beauty of many flowers. You can find these items at yard sales, flea markets, and antique shops. Alternatively, you can also hit your garage or basement to find the perfect piece of furniture to convert into a rustic trellis.

Similarly, antique buckets can be turned into a fun hanging planter. This can add an interesting twist to the traditional garden planters that you would normally find at your local garden center. Incorporate your favorite flowers into these buckets to make a statement in your Garden hose accessories . You can even hang them from a ladder to create a topsy-turvy effect.

You can also place them on a table as part of a vintage garden display.

Another way to create a vintage-inspired garden is to use an old wheelbarrow. Traditionally, these handy tools hold dirt and cement. However, a creative homeowner can turn it into an adorable garden decor item that looks like a vintage-inspired fairy garden. You can even hang a sign on the front of it that spells out the message you wish to convey. Besides that, you can add some small ornaments to it to further enhance its charm.

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