April 18, 2024
Zignature Dog Food Review

Zignature Dog Food Review

A newcomer to the pet food market, zignature dog food has an impressive recall history and exceptional safety standards. This brand features high-quality proteins from lamb, turkey, trout, whitefish, and catfish.

These protein ingredients are sourced from the US and countries like France, Australia, and New Zealand. Legumes such as peas and chickpeas are also prominently used in their recipes.


This way, your dog’s body can focus on digesting and absorbing essential nutrients rather than breaking down large amounts of carbohydrate-rich grains.

If you’re looking for a high-quality grain-free dog food, consider trying Zignature. Their recipes feature a variety of meats and fish as well as fruits, vegetables and legumes. All of their recipes are low in carbohydrates and contain no gluten or corn. Additionally, their fish proteins are sourced from wild-caught salmon and trout to ensure the highest quality.

The brand’s single-animal protein formulas contain no potatoes, grains, chicken, eggs, gluten, tapioca or corn. These ingredients are overused in commercial pet food and can cause inflammation and gastrointestinal issues in sensitive dogs. Instead, the brand uses unique protein sources and antioxidant-rich fruits, vegetables and legumes.

For example, their Kangaroo Formula Canned Dog Food is a great choice for dogs with sensitive digestive systems. The recipe is free of common allergens like chicken, corn and wheat, while the kangaroo protein provides a more balanced amino acid profile than chicken.

In addition to avoiding common allergens, zignature dog food also removes all unnecessary fillers and additives in their products. This is why their foods are so healthy and nutritious – they’re designed to give your dog the best nutrition possible.

The food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles for all life stages. The food contains a combination of red meat, poultry and fish along with a balanced array of fruits, vegetables and legumes to provide your pet with an easy-to-digest, wholesome diet. In addition, the food is fortified with taurine and L-carnitine to support heart health. The food is also available in both wet and dry formulas.


For dogs with allergies, the food they eat can be one of the primary aggravators. A diet that is hypoallergenic can help relieve symptoms like excessive itching and grooming as well as sneezing, watery eyes, paw chewing, or skin irritation. Big Hypoallergenic dog foods are designed to eliminate common allergens such as gluten, chicken, eggs, dairy, and corn while also promoting optimal health. Zignature’s line of hypoallergenic food for dogs features single-source proteins and excludes common allergens to help your pup thrive.

The recipes in the zignature range begin with a single animal protein, such as duck, turkey, lamb, trout, or whitefish. They then combine that protein with other high-quality ingredients, such as low-glycemic binders and vegetables, fruits, and legumes. The result is a balanced meal that will keep your pup’s tummy happy and his coat looking great!

All the foods in the zignature range contain high-quality meats, including duck from France and turkey from the US. They also include other quality ingredients, such as tahini and chickpeas. The food also contains a wide variety of antioxidants, which are necessary for good health.

Many dogs suffer from food allergies, and finding a dog food that is hypoallergenic can be difficult. Some brands may use fillers such as glycerol and guar gum, which can cause problems for dogs with food sensitivities. Others may use artificial colorings, which are also bad for your pet. Zignature’s hypoallergenic food uses only natural ingredients, so you can be sure that your pup will get all the nutrients he needs for a healthy life.

The Zignature class action settlement includes cash benefits to eligible Class Members who purchased the company’s allegedly mislabeled food between June 2, 2017 and June 24, 2022. The settlement also requires the company to change its packaging and remove any references to “grain free” or “chicken free” from its products.

Limited Ingredients

This creates a unique formula that focuses on one animal protein source and a few other ingredients, creating peak hypoallergenic nutrition.

Each recipe features a novel protein source like turkey or lamb, while eliminating troublesome proteins like chicken, beef, fish, and dairy, making these recipes the ideal solution for dogs with sensitivities. They also include omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals.

For example, their Zssentials Multi-Source protein formula features turkey and turkey meal as the primary proteins, along with salmon and duck meal from the northwest United States, and lamb meal from New Zealand. This formula is free from all the common allergens like corn, wheat, soy, and dairy, as well as chicken, chicken eggs, and poultry by-products.

The poultry and fish proteins in this recipe are high in muscle building protein, while the lamb meal from New Zealand provides a rare protein option for those with food allergies. This recipe also includes named organ meats, such as liver and chicken gizzards, which add flavor and nutrients. It also contains a variety of vegetables, fruits, and superfoods for added nutrition.

Environmentally Friendly

As a holistic pet food company, Zignature takes care of animals and the environment in a number of ways. For starters, they use sustainable, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. They also take extra measures to minimize waste from their facilities. This includes reusing water and reducing energy usage.

They’re free of common allergens and low in carbohydrates, which makes them ideal for sensitive dogs. In addition to these ingredients, Zignature dog foods contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids.

Zignature dog food ingredients are sourced from all over the world. They have a variety of protein sources, including turkey, lamb, pork, trout, and venison. They also use less common meats, such as goat and kangaroo. These unique proteins are rich in essential amino acids, and they’re easy to digest.

This company’s foods are free of gluten, grains, potatoes, and soy, making them a good choice for dogs with allergies or sensitivities. It also features a variety of natural flavors to make the food more palatable. Zignature’s products are available in boutique pet stores throughout the United States and online.

Their recipes are available in both dry and wet forms and are suitable for all ages of dogs. They also have a small-breed line of dog food and offer a range of kibble sizes.

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